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Healthier Takeaways in Low-income Communities: Toolkit Launch

A Toolkit designed to support those working to encourage healthier catering amongst fast food takeaways operating in low income communities has been developed as part of our ESRC Knowledge Exchange project. This was launched at City Hall on 21st Oct to an audience of over 80 participants.  Contact Sue Bagwell for details.  To view the Tookit click here

Eco-Cities project recieves funding

A consortium from the LA UNIVERSIDAD REY JUAN CARLOS, Madrid working in collaboration with the Cities Institute has been awarded Euro 100,000 by the FCC Foundation, Spain to develop an innovative research programme on Eco-Cities. The 2 yr project  will draw on evidence from London and from a number of Spanish cities

New contract to research demand for adult social care

The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham have commissioned Cities Institute/FAIR working on collaboration with Social Work colleague Jackie Heslin and statistican Mike Rees to research the Demand for Adult Social Care in the borough.

ESRC Knowledge Exchange Grant Awarded

Sue Bagwell has won an ESRC Knowledge Exchange Scheme grant to develop tools and resources to support interventions designed to encourage healthier catering in the fast food sector. Project partners include the GLA and the Chartered Institute for Environmental Health. 

Dynamic Mapping of Creative Economy

Visiting Professor Alan Freeman is working with the Cities Institute and Queensland University of Technology on the second phase of a NESTA funded research project analysing the size and location of the creative and hi-tech (STEM) economies in the UK. This research employs the Dynamic Mapping Approach, developed by QUT and adopted by DCMS. Cities Institute has developed an online mapping facility through which the research evidence will be made available to other researchers and policy practitioners.

Two new Doctors:

Congratulations to both Glyn Robbins and Hélène Draux on the award of their doctorates.

Glyn thesis “Mixed Use Property Development and its place in UK Urban Policy” draws on extensive fieldwork and 6 in depth case studies to argue that mixed use had become a complex mechanism for delivering a multitude of aspirational social, economic and environmental policies during the New Labour period of government and continues today to be promoted as a mechanism for sustainable development with little or no evidence of its effectiveness.  You can read his abstract here.

Hélène's thesis “Coastal land use conflict management in a nature reserve: an exploration of Participatory GIS techniques” tested out a number of consultation techniques using maps and visualisation with people face to face and online in Portsmouth where there is conflict over the coastal management of green spaces. Her work has contributed to the SECOA project and has been cited by the Hampshire and Isle of White Wildlife Trust.  You can read her abstract here.

Policy guidance on Fast food outlets produced

Our policy briefing for the GLA Fast food takeaways: a review of the wider evidence base has now been completed and can be downloaded here

New Publications

Sue Bagwell (2013) Healthier Catering initiatives in London, UK: An effective tool for encouraging healthier consumption behaviour? Critical Public Health

Clare Ellul (with Jo Foord, John Mooney) (2013) Making metadata usable in a multi-national research setting, Applied Ergonomics



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